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. Data Protection Information

Data Protection Representative

Mr. Garcia

Data Protection Principles

KIENAST is happy that you are visiting our Web site and are interested in our company. We take the protection of your private data seriously and want you to feel satisfied when you visit our Web site. The company's data protection representative takes actions to insure that the data protection principles are observed. You can go to all KIENAST Web pages and remain anonymous.

If we want to collect, process or use personal data from your visit to the Web pages, then we disclose this. The right of the individual to self-determination with respect to information is derived from the general right to privacy. This protection is based on legal regulations such as the Federal Data Protection Law and the Teleservices Data Protection Act. Our Web site is designed in accordance with the legal data protection provisions.

The use of the following areas of our Web site is only allowed for users who accept these date protection conditions. We respect your data protection rights and in particular your right to obtain information about data that is stored. Our employees are required to observe the obligation to maintain secrecy. Our Web pages may contain links to other providers, to which our data protection principles do not apply.

Data Protection for Personal Data


Individual information: data, which are related directly to a natural person or which allow a person to be identified or can be traced back to a person.


If we want to collect, process or use data from your visit, we will inform you of this. You decide what personal data we receive and for what purpose we may process or use such data. In most cases, such information is used for the preparation of a product or service offer that you desire. The internal company use for advertising purposes may occur as long as you have not objected to such use. Then the information will be forwarded to the employee you have selected or deleted no later than three months later.


We do not sell or rent any kind of person-related data to persons or offices outside of KIENAST and the same applies to data from user groups and e-mail lists. Through our data protection representative, you may make a change or delete your person-related data at any time. We observe those boundaries, which are set by the Data Protection Law and the Competition Law.

Data Protection Access Data


Non-person-related data from requests (download of a file).


For each request for a file from our files available for download, access data are stored. Each data record consists of:
  • the page, from which the file was requested
  • the name of the file
  • a description of the type of the Web browser used
  • date and time of the request for the data quantity transferred
  • the access status (file transferred, file not found etc.)
  • the storage of your IP address is not done


The stored data are evaluated solely for statistical purposes.


The stored data are evaluated solely for statistical purposes. Data is not provided to any third party not even as excerpts. We correct and complete stored data in each case as soon as we become aware of a change. If required, we also notify the recipient of the data of this. We delete stored data when the legal or contractual period of retention expires or if the data are no longer needed.
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